Hey everyone,

Sorry for this long message but I wanted to thank you for everything this past year. I never thought I’d ever meet and be a part of a group that brought joy to me outside of my longtime friends and for that I give you my eternal gratitude. Adam and Ryan chose a quiet dark short kid from the table out of all people to go to a random beach trip that would ultimately shape the DM as we see it today. From parties to a fucking Vegas trip (!!!!), I couldn’t believe that I was a part of all of it. I sat away from most of you Saturday night, not in discomfort that I’m leaving but in amazement that I met you all in such a short period of time. You guys are all talented as fuck and I only hope to steal a little bit from each one of you as I leave to San Francisco. I planned on making a quiet exit on Monday morning and not telling anyone about when I left but you guys wouldn’t let me leave that way (I think lol.) This party for Noah, Alex, Pete, Maria, Malissa and myself (?) only made me realize how lucky I am. For Crystian, Angelo, Eric, Andres and Rick who I wasn’t able to see Saturday, I told everyone they were invited up to my house/apartment whenever you guys could and also cause I miss you fools. I wrote this fairly quickly and didn’t structure this at all so sorry about that. I love you lil nuggets and I’m going to miss you all dearly. Thanks again for the memories and may you all continue on being the best people and fucking shit up for the foreseeable future.