The Center of Bio-Ethical Reform made their annual two-day visit to Rio Hondo College to present their Genocide Awareness Project to students on campus.

CBE came to Rio Hondo April 4 and 5 and displayed their multi-sided posters with images of unborn children and its comparison to genocide on the upper quad area of the campus. Around the area were signs that discouraged pro-choice ideals and members handing out pamphlets with more information.

A representative of the CBE named Kevin, who did not give out his last name, said they chose Rio Hondo because they felt it was “a good spot” for the display, having presented at the campus for the last several years. They felt it was important to reach the students at Rio Hondo.

While Kevin stated that they are a non-profit organization with no affiliation with the school, they were invited once by the Catholic Newman Club here at Rio Hondo back in 2014.

With such a controversial topic in the United States amongst college campuses, the CBE is protected by the first amendment in the constitution and were allowed to show their exhibit on campus with security near them.

The CBE’s exhibit usually draws mixed reactions from students, said Kevin, with some students being surprised at the display of images of aborted babies, and others students that challenge and openly debate them.

On one of the days that the CBE was present, a student challenged a CBE member to a discussion which had led into a screaming match by the end. While some conversations between students and members end like that, Kevin states that they are only here for one purpose.

“The reason that we’re here is to just show people what abortion does to pre-born human beings, that it decapitates them, dismembers them. It’s information that we think everyone needs to have.”

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