Rio Hondo College hosted its semi-annual DiscoveRio event this past Feb. 15 and 16. The event was geared towards current students who are interested in being involved in clubs or joining student services programs offered here on campus.

The event, which took place Feb 15 and 16 in the lower quad, had clubs like Co-ed Flag Football, Puente Program, and Journalism Communications and Public Relations (JCPR), among others.

Student services programs like the Transfer Center, Disabled Students and Program Services, First-Year Success Center, Student Health and Psychological Services, Financial Aid Office and the Extended Opportunity Program and Services/Cooperative Agencies Resources of Education were also present and welcomed students to join.

Starting this semester clubs were once again able to fundraise both days, as opposed to having the first day be informational and the second day geared towards fundraising.

One of the clubs that managed to take advantage of this was the Co-Ed Flag Football Club, which was formed in the Fall 2016 semester by Herzon Alfaro and sold Jamba Juice for $4.

While Rio Hondo may not have a football team, this club allows students who have nine units or more and a 2.5 GPA to have fun and play the game regardless of experience. To get ahold of Alfaro, one can email him at for more information.

While the Co-Ed Flag Football club sold refreshing beverages on a hot day, other programs, like the Puente Program, did the same by selling Horchata and focus more on serving students academically.

The Puente Program, which is one of many student services programs in the school, allows educationally disadvantaged students to fast track certain courses like English and History classes to transfer and graduate from a four-year college or university quicker.

Alumnus of the program become mentors and help current students in the program by guiding them and have them participate in special counseling and get unique instruction. For more information, one can contact Jorge Huinquez at (562) 463-3207 or Juan Fernandez at (562) 463-3109.

While many booths were serving drinks, JCPR club sold Wingstop boneless wings for people that craved something to eat.

JCPR, which meets in B112, allows students to develop their skills for the media and publishing world. Learning how to write scripts, copy edit, edit videos, and do press releases are all part of the experience and any student is welcomed to join if interested.

Another club called Leaders for Change was established last semester by Albert Mendoza to advocate environmental awareness. The club is not the typical picking up trash type of club, but is rather more focused on educating people on the small steps on environmentalism.

There aren’t any requirements to join, but they are looking for strong advocates that are willing to help the earth. If there is any interest, one can contact Mendoza at for more information.

The second day contained more of the same, but had a Kogi truck and served students if they completed a card with signatures from various clubs. Students were entertained with a live DJ and an obstacle course jumper for students.