The Los Angeles Angels Photography Editor and Archivist, Robert Huskey, visited professor Roberto Chavez’s Photojournalism class to talk about his experience in taking sports photos Oct 3.

A Whittier native, Huskey attended Cal State Fullerton and was the school’s photo editor for the Daily Titan. He won various awards and scholarships for his pictures on the paper and became an intern with the Angels prior to graduating in 2014.

Tying into Chavez’s lecture on sports photography, he brought in Huskey who is a friend of his, and looked at the types of styles in sports photography and how it is done.

Huskey presented a slideshow with most of the pictures he has taken since starting his internship to recent years and gave details on how his camera settings are and the type of ways he captures photos, whether it be on the field or the stands.

He mentioned how people should not go for the typical shot, but to wait for a unique moment. He gave an example of photographers taking the typical picture consisting of a batter hitting a homerun, but would rather have photos of the players in the dugout being excited or the fans reaction to it.

As Huskey shoots for baseball, he takes many photographs because most of the time the game is slow and when action does happen, it usually happens all in one motion.

Huskey picked up photography in high school when he was 16-years-old and obtained his first camera the following year. It was in that year that he approached Chavez during a photoshoot and showed him his portfolio of all his pictures, gave him his business card and invited him to coffee.

Huskey also worked for Sports Illustrated as a photography assistant and has covered a variety of professional sports like hockey, basketball and football. He still works as a freelance photographer contributing to the Los Angeles News Group, Orange County Register and other publications.

To view more of Huskey’s personal work, he has his own personal website at or his Instagram at roberthuskey.