One thing we know in life is that nothing is certain and making specific decisions can affect your life for better or worse. For Jose Corona, he knows that he has always made the right choices.

Corona, 20, had already gone through some life changing experiences after leaving high school, as he headed up North to attend San Francisco State. He came back after only spending a year there.

He then transferred down to Rio Hondo, and while still making up his mind about majors, he tried his hand at journalism, art and sociology. Corona said while he enjoyed the majors he pursued, they did not interest him entirely. He ultimately decided on becoming an English major, because he liked the writing, stories and poetry aspects of it.

Before heading out to San Francisco State, however, Corona had a passion for playing the drums. It started in high school when a friend recruited him to start a band, even though he had no prior experience. He was up for the challenge, knowing that he would learn in time through mistakes and can only get better from there.

After coming back from San Francisco, he got in contact with an old high school friend named Henry Vargas, who played guitar, sang and had a similar music taste. They collaborated on a musical project called The Red Pears in July of 2014. They worked as a duo for two months until adding another high school frind, Juan Aguilar, to be the bassist.

In only two years, they have had tremendous success in gaining a fan base of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. All of their fans in Southern California told them how much they love and enjoy their music.

Some of their influences as a band are The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys, but some of Corona’s other influences are The Pixies, Interpol, Albert Hammond Jr. and Little Joy.

Corona is fortunate and grateful for where they are at because he knows of bands that have been playing longer than they have, yet are still struggling to succeed. He notes that there are setbacks, and other things in life than can stop you, but things have been going great for them with a lot of support from their fans and their hard work is paying off.

Corona mentions that there is a struggle trying to juggle the band, work and school. There are times where the band or school need more attention than the other, or there are scheduling conflicts. School is important to him and he does not want to fail, but there are times when he gives the band most of his time.

The Red Pears have always agreed on one goal: they want to spread their music, and keep writing and playing what they enjoy. “The fact that fans relate to our music and enjoy it is just amazing,” said Corona. The Red Pears want to write and play the music their fans like and hopefully have it mean something to them.

Corona plans on transferring to a UC, possibly UCLA, but will not rule out any other colleges if UCLA does not work out. He does not plan on transferring too far, however, because of the success of the band.

Anyone who loves indie-alternative rock should check out The Red Pears on for their latest music and their 2015 EP titled “We Bring Anything to the Tables……Except Tables We Can’t Bring Tables to the Tables” on